Forest Farm Rehabilitation

Forest Farm offers and is able to provide comprehensive services that may include physical, occupational, or speech therapies, depending on your specific needs. Clinical problems such as stroke, COPD, fractures, and post-surgical treatments are examples of problems some of our patients are admitted with.

We have a dozen short-term PRIVATE Rehabilitation rooms. Please check for availability.

We now have the Nintendo Wii Fit Sport, Fitness & Exercise program, an interactive computer excercise program!

We realize that decisions made by the Rehab Team have a great impact on your return home, so discharge planning is something that begins at the time of your admission. The decision to continue or to conclude therapy is based on various factors that include, but are not limited to:

  • South Africa, Nurse assisting patient in corridor of clinicEvaluation Results
  • Patient’s Response to Treatment
  • Patient’s Need for Skilled Therapy
  • Insurance Requirements
  • An Experienced and Dedicated Staff

The term skilled therapy is used to describe the type of care that is complicated enough to require the skills and expertise of a therapist or a licensed nurse versus maintenance which is routine exercise or assistance for daily activities which do not require skilled care. Most insurance companies will only pay for skilled therapy. As your treatment transitions into maintenance rather than skilled therapy, alternative plans can be developed to meet your needs. The rate of recovery differs for every individual; therefore you will want to speak with your therapists to get a better understanding of how you are progressing.
Some residents have insurance to help pay for their short-term rehabilitation. Insurance coverage, including some of the managed care coverage, has specific guidelines that must be met. We encourage you to review your particular plan’s coverage.

For those residents who are anticipating a return home, the Social Services Department is available to discuss options with you, including various services that may be available. The Social Worker will also inform you of the Patient Care Conference (PCC) which you are invited to attend. It provides a resident and their family with opportunity to meet with the following departments: Nursing, Dietary, Social Services, Activities, and Administration. Your special needs will be discussed at that time. Of course, please remember that at any time our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in short-term rehabilitation at Forest Farm and would like a tour or to receive an application, please contact our Social Services Department to schedule an appointment.

Please see our statement about the state/federal publicly reported quality of care information.